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What is Learning Experience Design?

At first glance it may appear that ֱ design and learning design are poles apart but in reality many ֱ designers will become involved in learning experience design when creating help, tutorials, onboarding, etc. for their digital products. There are many similarities between learning design and ֱ design fortunately and it can be relatively easy for skilled ֱ designers to adapt their skillset to learning experiences.

Literature on Learning Experience Design

Here’s the entire ֱ literature on Learning Experience Design by the Interaction Design Foundation, collated in one place:

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All products, whether digital or otherwise, must deliver a high-quality user experience (ֱ) or risk losing users to competitors—after all, a product is useless without its users! Products with good ֱ sell better; in fact, design-centric businesses have consistently outperformed the industry average by more than double, according to the Design Management Institute. Demand for ֱ designers is therefore higher than ever before; they are already prevalent in tech companies, and there is a growing need for them within other industries. ֱ impacts UI design, web design, and graphic design, and understanding the field of ֱ will improve your efforts within all of those areas.

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You will also find a number of optional exercises and home assignments that build on one another and follow a design process—from the first idea, right through to the point where you can start testing your prototype. We highly recommend that you take up the challenge and complete all the exercises involved, because not only will you get hands-on experience with ֱ design but, by the end, you will also have a design case study that you can include in your portfolio.

In “Become a ֱ Designer from Scratch”, you will gain access to interviews with ֱ hiring managers and experts from companies such as SAP and Google. Through these interviews, you will understand what hiring managers and senior designers look for when hiring a new member of the team—all so that you can gain an advantage over fellow candidates. We have also filmed a series of interviews with members who have successfully landed a ֱ job. These will provide you with inspiration for your own career prospects, as well as invaluable advice about how to transition into a career in ֱ and what daily life as a ֱ professional really looks like.

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