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What is Design Management?

Design management is a large and complex field with many sub-types of management involved. Many ֱ designers will want to pursue design management either directly or indirectly within the scope of their careers. By introducing yourself to the concept of design management you can begin to understand what aspects appeal to you as an individual most and then begin to steer your career in the appropriate direction.­­

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Take a deep dive into Design Management with our course ֱ Management: Strategy and Tactics .

What sets top-performing organizations apart? Well, for one thing, it’s no coincidence that they place a focus on understanding and empowering their ֱ and UI teams. Not only does this drive organic growth through a more optimal user experience, but it also means that the business can benefit from the ROI (Return On Investment) that ֱ work can deliver. In most organizations, however, you’ll find there is a lack of ֱ maturity—that is, how embedded ֱ is within an organization’s culture and work processes. And this occurs even when the decision-makers know that ֱ is core to business and customer stakeholders! We want to help both you and your wider team create a culture, and design mindset, that can truly reap the benefits of ֱ work. By learning how to apply key tactics, you’ll be able to ensure that your ֱ efforts are having maximum impact across the wider business.

In this course, we will explore the ins and outs of ֱ maturity by looking at the way your organization is structured and developed. We will give you the chance to grasp ֱ management as not just a people issue but also a design methodology… all so that you can manage ֱ as a smart leader, and get the very best from the ֱ professionals you work with. Even if you’re currently a more junior ֱ, UI or interaction designer, the strategies you will learn in this course will enable you to truly realize the value that your work will provide to your organization.

You will be taught by Frank Spillers, CEO of the award-winning ֱ firm Experience Dynamics. By taking this course, you’ll leverage his experience from two decades of working with enterprise, midsize and start-up companies across a wide range of industries. Given that, you will be able to learn from, and avoid, the mistakes he’s come across, and apply the best practices he’s developed over time in order to move towards managing your ֱ team in an optimal way.

The course also includes interviews with experts—including a ֱ Director, Chief Experience Officer, Product Manager, and User Research Director. These will give you another practical opportunity to learn from people who are highly experienced in managing ֱ across organizations. All of this means that you will learn how an Outside-In design approach operates, and what it looks and feels like in practice—be it from a product management, executive or stakeholder perspective. Upon completing the course, you will have the knowledge required to avoid unnecessary growing pains, and ultimately accelerate your company’s ֱ maturity so that you win sooner and enjoy a more consistently high level of performance within the market.

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